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With all its high-quality services, AMZ Weissenseer Präzisionsguss GmbH is the premium partner for all companies that require first-class castings of the highest quality, including the associated further processing.

AMZ Weissenseer precision castingAMZ Weissenseer Präzisionsguss GmbH

We offer diecast from aluminum and zinc alloys including machining, surface treatment and assembly.
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1.Die casting process

Our die casting process is suitable for medium and large series, since a die mold made of hot work steel is used, from which up to more than one million castings can be produced. With high mold filling speed and under high holding pressure, the liquid melt is pressed into the die casting mold and compacted afterwards. In technical circles, casting is referred to as a “shot”, which can contain several cavities (identical or different components), depending on the mold design.

Due to the permanent mold, it is possible to produce a large number of components with the same precision and 100% repeatability. A distinction is made between the cold-chamber process for aluminum, in which the casting set (casting chamber and plunger) is outside the metallic melt, and the hot-chamber process for zinc, in which the casting set is permanently in the melt. Some components, such as aftersales products and prototypes, can also be produced in small casting batches.

Our die casting machinery includes:

  • Bühler cold chamber machines for aluminum with clamping forces (t) of H840, H660-1, H660-2, H530, H340-1, H340-2, H250, H160. With metal metering and removal equipment as well as robot technology for raw part weights 0.05 kg to approx. 5 kg.
  • Frech hot chamber machines for zinc with clamping forces of t DAW20 and DAW125.

2. Various alloys

We use various aluminum and zinc alloys to manufacture die-cast components. We offer standard and special alloys for a wide variety of applications to ensure that the castings have the desired mechanical that the castings obtain the desired mechanical properties.

Aluminium – Standardlegierung

Alloy designation according to »Euro standard«
VAR alloy numerical chemical
226 EN AC 46000 EN AC Al Si9Cu3 (Fe)
230 EN AC 44300 EN AC Al Si12 (Fe)
231 EN AC 47100 EN AC Al Si12Cu1 (Fe)
239 EN AC 43400 EN AC Al Si10Mg (Fe)
SF36 EN AC Al Si9MgMn

On request, we also cast special alloys for die casting

Zinc alloy


3.Machining of castings

The comprehensive metalworking of the recently completed castings offers the customer many advantages and immediate use of the ordered products. The most diverse and highly modern CNC and special machines are available for machining. This makes this important value-added operation very effective. This includes the following activities:

  • Drilling, turning and milling
  • Punching and thread production
  • Trough and hand blasting
  • Laser engraving
  • T5 Heat treatment
  • Vibratory finishing technology
  • Continuous blasting machine
  • Special machines
  • Hand deburring, filing, grinding
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4. Component assembly

From the raw part to the finished assembly, AMZ Weissenseer Präzisionsguss GmbH offers everything one source. In our separate assembly area, we assemble our castings with other components made of steel, aluminum or plastic to form complex assemblies. These include the pressing and bonding of turned parts, the riveting of screws and the pressing in of knurled pins with subsequent 100% function test and a leak test.

5.Toolmaking & Co.

In the field of toolmaking, we have the opportunity to maintain, repair and repair our die casting and punching tools during production.

The ultrasonic mold washing system for die casting tools supports our employees in cleaning the tools in order to get them ready for use for the next casting.

In addition, adaptation work such as optimisations of the ventilation system or changed customer specifications on the tool are possible to a certain extent. Auxiliary and testing devices as well as processing devices can also be created internally.

Machine Park toolmaking:

  • Prototype production according to customer requirements
  • Create & customize die casting molds
  • Milling technology, LOM technology, STL technology
  • Selective Laser Sintering, FDM, SOLIDER
  • 2 milling machines (conventional)
  • Countersinking and wire EDM machine
  • Boring mill
  • Injection molding and cutting tools
  • Machining fixtures
  • Making special tools
  • Material and process substitution
  • Precision grinding machine
  • 2 lathes (conventional)

6. Development & Design

As a die casting specialist, we have been your close and reliable partner for years, from product design to the finished component. In joint design discussions, we take the time to respond to your requirements and wishes. Taking into account the casting requirements, component optimisation and process reliability in the die casting process, we develop your cast component ready for series production. Our many years of experience and the well-founded know-how of our employees is our advantage. Our casting and tooling concepts are supported by Altair’s Inspire Cast simulation program. In addition, we draw on trained expertise in CAD designs with CATIA V5 and SolidWorks 2013. Our own tool shop is responsible for the maintenance, servicing and repair of die casting and punching burr tools as well as for the new construction of fixtures.

Cooperation services

We have an intensive and sometimes long-standing cooperation with numerous specialized companies. The required work relates in particular to the areas of CNC machining, electroplating, surface preparation and surface coatings (KTL, powder or wet paint).

Our long-standing cooperation partners, in the listed areas, include the following companies

Industries / Customers::

If you are also interested in our clients and industry sectors, you can find more information here:


  • Aalberts Surface Technologies
  • Kuhle Industriegalvanik

Surface preparation

  • Venetis Metallschleiferei
  • surfaced GmbH Oranienburg
  • Kuhle Industriegalvanik

Cathodic Dip Coating, powder or wet paint

  • ACC Beschichtungszentrum
  • MWG Pulverbeschichtung
  • Sarnoch Pulverbeschichtung
  • Benseler Sachsen GmbH & Co.KG
  • WELCO KTL Oberflächenbeschichtung

CNC machining

  • Ahlberg Metalltechnik
  • CNC Bearbeitung Schäler
  • Vielmetter GmbH
  • BHF Maschinenbau GmbH
  • WFH Weissenseer Fertigungs- und Handelsgesellschaft
  • Heinz Krumme Zerspanungstechnik


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