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Partner of leading industrial companies in the world market

AMZ is a sought-after and reliable partner.
Our high-quality castings are needed in many sectors of the economy.

Our satisfied customers

Over the course of many decades, AMZ Weissenseer Präzisionsguss GmbH has succeeded in building up a whole network of high-performance cooperation partners and a satisfied customer base thanks to its excellent work. In addition, a very modern machine park is available. The fully qualified employees are up to date in every respect. They are innovative, effective, flexible and willing to perform. Thanks to this solid basis, AMZ has always been able to serve the industrial customers mentioned on this page perfectly.

1 | Permanent cooperations

2 | Flexible response

3 | High contractual loyalty

4 | Quality

5 | Many innovations

6 | Short delivery times

Automotive & motorcycle manufacturers / Automotive suppliers

Several well-known companies in vehicle manufacturing have long been among our regular customer bases.
The very high-quality standards and requirements of IATF 16949 are the basis for the joint business relationships.


In this industry, we are dealing with particularly demanding customers. For example, with none other than Airbus, who praised our standards in quality management.

Information & Communication Technology

Innovations and flexibility are a challenge for our production of castings in the IT industry. AMZ has successfully mastered this claim so far.

Electrical Engineering / Electronics

Castings of different alloys and of fine structure require great skill and maximum concentration from our employees, especially in post-processing.

Medical / Safety Technology

In this sensitive area of the economy, the requirements for quality, purity and accuracy of fit are particularly high. Our company AMZ meets all requirements 100% so far.

Construction / Metal goods

Our high-quality castings from small and large series are also in demand at the Winkelmann Group, which also has a good reputation as a successful automotive supplier.

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A small overview of our customers and partners

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